March 31


The Download: Actualization over Manifestation

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Why Actualization is More Powerful than Manifestation

Depending on what brought you to this page, you might need a little bit of background on what this is all about. I’m Saoirse Clare, the Starseed Coach, and creator of the Starseed Archetype—or Starchetype™️—system. This post was written to accompany the first episode of my podcast, The Download. In this week’s episode, I share why manifestation is an outdated method for cultivating multidimensional abundance, and what you should be doing instead if you’re a Starseed ready to align with your desired reality.

What is Actualization?

Actualization is a powerful, ritual practice that will transform your life and open you up to receiving true abundance. On a surface level, it might seem similar to manifestation, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, if you keep reading—or listening, if you check out the podcast—I’ll explain why the idea of Manifestation is actually dated and even harmful.

What Manifestation Is and Why It Doesn’t Work

Manifestation has become embedded in our cultural vocabulary, often associated with the law of attraction as outlined in things like The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, and Rich Dad Poor Dad. The most important thing to know about these is that they are, first and foremost, a marketing strategy, not a true manifestation strategy.

The Problem With Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

All of these books, and the many others like them, would have you believe that you simply think about what you want and suddenly you will get it. That if you think positive thoughts, you’ll get positive results. The problem with this is that it completely bypasses all of the levels of quantum healing and karmic contract resolution that have to occur in order to bring fragments of Source consciousness into density.

This problem stems from the fact that we have evolved past this idea, but so many continue to use it as a marketing strategy for their programs—who doesn’t like the idea that they can magically get everything they want just by thinking about it?

The Three-Step Actualization Ritual

As a collective, we’ve reached a place in our ascension journey where we have a shared responsibility for rapid healing and up-leveling that is a symbiotic process. This means that you can have control over the experiences and things you bring into your life, but you must create an unbreakable, co-creative partnership with Source consciousness, and in doing so you must agree that you are bringing things into the physical that are the highest good for all involved.

This means that when you go through the actualization ritual process, you’re looking inward at the ripple effect of anything you’re calling in. So will what you’re calling in be of the highest good for everyone else in your life that would be affected? Would they be willing to resolve the same karmic contract that you’re creating as a part of this process?

The Actualization ritual has many layers and isn’t as quick and snappy as simply saying “manifest it,” but it is more deeply healing and rewarding. It’s the difference between empty calories and something that is rich in nutrients. 

In this post I’m going to give you the short version of the Actualization ritual, which has three equally-important steps. Through this process, you can make the shift into a personal level of responsibility and of understanding that the ego voice and desires are always going to be present, but you can learn to tap into what is meant for you to experience via the Source. 

Step One: Clearing

The first step in the Actualization Ritual is clearing. You must go through all nine of your energy centers and evaluate what’s still stuck in those conditioned crevices. What thoughts, feelings, vibrations, and perceptions are there that will get in the way of feeling completely connected to the energy of Source consciousness? Where are those blocks in your body and why are they there?

By taking the time to deconstruct those blocks first, you are opening yourself to fully receive the energy of Source consciousness. Imagine that you have a glass in front of you that is already partially filled with water and beside that, you have a pitcher of water. If you were to pour the entire pitcher into the glass, it would overflow and most of the water would be lost. The same is true for calling in Source energy.

If you don’t first deconstruct those blocks, all of that Source energy that you call in has nowhere to go. This is why taking the time to do the work of quantum clearing is absolutely vital to the success of the three-step actualization ritual.

Step Two: Seeding

Once you have finished clearing, you will move on to the next step: seeding. This is exactly what it sounds like. This is when you will plant the intention of what you will be calling forth. This is the part of the ritual that may seem similar to the law of attraction—like the parking space trick that’s often given as an example of practicing manifestation.

Seeding is a little deeper than that. Think about what you want and set your energy on calling it forth. The work of really thinking about your desires and intentions can help you bring things to the surface that might otherwise be ignored—the desires of your shadow self. In fact, encourage you to begin this process by tapping into your shadow self because this is usually where you have desires that have been pushed down because they’re not seen as social acceptable or you feel they’re too greedy or selfish. Those desires are the ones that can fester the most and breed the most negativity if not addressed.

Take a look at those shadow desires and ask yourself where they came from. Do you still need to hold onto those desires? Or are they something you can let go of?

As you go through this process, you’ll find that the right desire will inevitably come to the surface. You’ll it know because it will cause a full-body vibration and you’ll know that it was what you most truly and deeply desire. That is what you want to plant as part of your energetic signature, as a part of your embodied vessel, so that Source can build and fill energy around it and support its cultivation and growth.

Step Three: Receiving

The last step of the process is receiving and it seems like a no-brainer, but it can actually be the most difficult part of the entire process. This comes from a deep-seeded sense that “receiving” is not okay because we’re supposed to “earn” something. We live in a society that runs off of linear time and directly attributes work hours with earning and attaches a dollar amount to time, making it hard to separate that and allow your body vessels to receive Source.

This conditioning can take years to overcome. You must notice the sensations of worthiness inside of your body while fully connected with Source… simply thinking “You are worthy,” “You are enough,” and “You are here to receive” isn’t quite enough; the missing piece here is experiencing a deep and unshakeable sense of your total Having-ness. This becomes more tangible when accepting that the very nature of your existence is receiving. In this method and ritual, you collapse the quantum boundaries that you’ve created around receiving and connect all nine centers of energy directly with their tethers to Source consciousness so that you have that reinforced ability to be one in the co-creative state. To be completely held in the knowledge that your connection with Source is unbroken. There is no separation.

Take Real Steps to Bring Abundance Into Your Life

This may seem like a lot of work, but once you make the shift away from the manifestation and law of attraction mindset, these three steps become second nature and you’ll find that Actualization isn’t a difficult process, but is instead a state of being.

This post is only just scratching the surface of what this process looks like. There’s so much more to each of these steps and how to move through them, which you can get when you enroll in my signature course, New Money Matrix, a powerful system which will help you bring forth true abundance.

A key piece of Actualizing the New Earth Timeline is the amazing Starseed community that we’ve built together. You can connect with other Starseeds of all different Starchetypes™️ to share their experiences and help you as you work through this method.

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