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Stay in Your Lane, Starseed!

Why the Starchetype System?

A question that I am frequently asked is: “Why use this system instead of discovering more about my lineage and what planet I’m from?”

Well, the answer is fairly simple: it’s better to be connected with the here and now.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of points of origin in the galaxy that you might have come from. You may have had multiple past lives in one interplanetary system.

This might be your first go-around on earth, or it may be your 50th time. The possibilities are endless.

You can spend countless hours scouring google for answers regarding your lineage, or searching your natal chart for certain markers associated with a specific star or being part of a specific race. All of those activities are actually distracting you from why you’re here right now. The deeper down the rabbit hole you go into figuring out every single aspect of your lineage, the more distracted you become.

The Starchetype system limits distractions. The purpose of having a system of organization that points out our strengths along with our unique role and mission is to make it easier to get to work on accomplishing our assignment in this timeline.

Our Mission and the Obstacles We Face

In this world, there is a negative connotation to the word “work.” But, that is literally why we are here on this planet in this timeline: we volunteered to come here and work to accomplish a mission.

It’s high time we take our power back through subverting this term. Work often means slavery and hooking into false templates when viewed through the energetics of lower density. We need to answer the call and take back this term to mean our collective purification and upleveling through divinely receiving everything that is available to us to claim. And, what this also means, is embracing focus as a means to do the work. By saying yes to focus, we say no to energetic overwhelm.

Distractions have been placed here by design. There’s a very specific reason why you have been educated into a system that values lineage over purpose. That reason is to diminish our inherent power. There are dark forces whose only goals are to knock us down, to diminish our power, to create division instead of unity. These dark forces have developed a system that is very hypnotizing because it puts a salve over this wound that we all have of knowing that this isn’t really our home. They intentionally distract us from the here and now.

But it is possible to overcome these dark forces and stay focused on the present moment. The more attuned you are to the power that lies in the present moment, the easier it will be to access a multidimensional you. The easier it becomes for you to fulfill your mission.

Universal Love

We each have our own individual missions, but we have come here as a collective with a shared purpose. We have all eight macrocosmic vigors, and, as a part of our individual missions, each of us are responsible for some of them. We will find power in unity by having that unbroken trust that everyone who is activated with their Starseed archetype is specifically doing the work that they said yes to in this incarnation. That is where we are truly going to find power in our unbroken connection to source consciousness.

This connection and trust we share with our fellow starseeds allows us to live not only from a place of enjoyment, but of universal love. Love is the balm that will actually heal that wound of knowing that Earth is just a temporary home, and it is only available to you in the present moment. If you learn how to live from a place of universal love, it is going to create such immense healing and truly make this place feel like home.

You embody true strengths that you can call forth at any time. I invite you to step into the truth of who you are and to tap into the part of you that is intune with universal love. I invited you to own your power, to own your essence, to own everything that is part of being a light body who has existed in multiple places, in multiple realities. You hold the cosmic mystery within you, and that’s something that should excite you. 

This Starchetype system is so important with where we currently are in the timeline. It’s really a call to action for all of us to say “yes” to our purpose and to step into that divine space of worthiness that all of us embody equally.

To dig deeper into this, you can listen to the full podcast episode!


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