April 23


So Many Voidwalkers!

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In the latest episode of The Download, my weekly podcast, I addressed a question from a listener. Really, it was two questions. First, why do there seem to be so many Voidwalkers? And second, is it possible to be more than one Starchetype? 

These two questions are related, as are the answers. The question of why there seem to be so many Voidwalkers these days – really does help address the question of whether or not you can identify with more than one Starchetype. So let’s break it down!


Why are there so many Voidwalkers?


It’s no secret and no surprise that a lot of the Starseeds that are awakening right now identify as Voidwalkers. The reason is because of the current needs of the collective in our organic timeline.


Voidwalkers are adept at helping beings move through death processes and bringing new consciousness codes online. They are naturally able to enter the void to hold zero-point energy mechanics, then exit the void back into their physical body. Many Voidwalkers have served as a death doula or as hospice volunteers. They’ve often found themselves the person that family and friends turn to for support in times of grief. This is because Voidwalkers are able to act as an energetic bridge to usher in birth, life, and death cycles.


Over the last year, this ability has been in huge demand. In part because of the physical deaths associated with the global pandemic, but also because of the structural and cultural death cycles that have happened as a result. There’s been a huge shift in how we go about our daily lives and how communities function because of our current social expectations. 


These metaphorical death cycles have left more and more people needing that bridge and support that is provided by Voidwalkers. It’s also why we’re seeing fewer Wayshowers right now. The Wayshower imprint has been largely dormant in 2020 because they had to take a step back and reassess what community looks like now, and how we will practice primal and ritual codes when we’re not able to physically assemble.


Core Type & Sub-Type


Kate’s question mentioned that she’s taken the Starchetype quiz multiple times and sometimes her result was Augur and sometimes it was Voidwalker. Both resonate with her, so does that mean that she’s both? 

Deep down, we each have a core Starchetype that’s related to the mission we are here to embody. That doesn’t mean that you don’t or can’t share traits with other Starchetypes. In fact, we have fragments of all 12 Starchetypes within us! What’s important to know is that you don’t need to try and embody all 12 Starchetypes—or even 2—at the same time!

Because the collective has a great need for Voidwalkers right now, it’s not surprising that you identify with that Starchetype, Kate. It likely means that your core type is Augur, but since the collective needs Voidwalkers right now, that sub-type is activating. It could also mean that your core is Voidwalker and that there will come a time when Augurs are needed and you may be called upon to activate that sub-type.


If you’re not sure of what your core type truly is, that’s OKAY. Over time, it will become clear to you which is your core type and which is your sub-type. Remember not to put pressure on yourself to embody both Starchetypes at once and trust that your mission map will show you how to best use your energy and focus.

To dig deeper into this, you can listen to the full podcast episode and join our community discussions!





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