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Illumination Phases & The 5/5 Steward Portal

I am divulging information that I have never shared with anyone before. This information is something that is extremely instrumental in the way that the entire Starchetype system is configured. This information influences the way that the system is designed for all of us to be in the fullest embodiment of our activation and of our Starcheype template. I am so excited to share why there are twelve Starchetypes rather than, say, thirteen or some other number.

Why Twelve Starchetypes?

One question that I have been asked repeatedly is: why are there twelve starseed archetypes? This is a question that I have even pondered myself. Well, I finally have that answer.

When I first downloaded the Starchetype system, initially, I was not convinced that there were only twelve Starchetypes. I left myself open to receive more downloads for this system. I finally asked if I needed to wait for more downloads and expand the Starchetype system. Almost immediately after asking this question, I received a message containing this mantra: “Council of Twelve. The Council of Twelve Starseeds. The Council of Twelve Starcheypes.”

So, after receiving the message pertaining to the Assembly of the Council of Twelve, I accepted that there are twelve Starchetypes but still did not know the reason as to why the system was reliant upon that number until fairly recently. Around my birthday, I stumbled upon a semiotic code unique specifically to me (2/11/21). This semiotic code was essential in opening up a portal on my birthday that activated wonderful energy for me. This catalyzed a new message to be sent to me regarding the twelve Starchetypes.

The message that I received very, very clearly is that every portal that is written into our twelve month calendar is associated with a specific starseed archetype. So, each Starchetype has domain over the numbers one through twelve. This means that there are portals every month of each year, starting with January first (1/1). This pattern continues as 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5 and so on. The final portal of each year occurs on December twelfth (12/12). These portals allow starseeds to access the most potent energy and frequencies available to them within the Now moment. 

Illumination Phase

The dates activated within each time portal are called Illumination Phases, and working within the frequency of your particular phase is vital to completing the divine activation of all twelve Starchetypes. This period offers opportunity for all Starseeds on Earth become attuned to their unique imprint in equal balance relative to one another and develop the willingness to step into the portal that corresponds with their starseed archetype. It is really a very special time.

The first Illumination Phase occurs on the first of January. The second Illumination Phase takes place on the second of February, the next occurs on the third of March, and the pattern continues until the final Illumination Phase starts on December twelfth. Once these phases begin, every starseed within the Starchetype governing the current Illumination Phase will go through a vibrational shift. These phases will last through a twelve day cycle, and mark a time for each Starchetype to recharge their batteries, move through active integration, and re-emerge even more powerful than they were before. 

5/5 Steward Portal

Right now, in the month of May, we have the Illumination Phase of the Steward, the caretaker role of mother Gaia, happening. The domain of the number five is assigned to the Steward. So if you are a Steward, your illumination phase begins on May 5th (5/5). This portal becomes available for you to step into where you are going to begin with something that is very familiar to you in your mission map, which happens to be alchemy.

During this time, Stewards will move through the wheel of the eight Macrocosmic Vigors. Once that is completed, the internal systems, internal compasses, internal guides of each Steward are going to go through a process of being rebalanced. If you are a Steward, think of this as a rapid upgrade as you move through frequencies to help you evolve into the best version of yourself possible!

To dig deeper into this, you can listen to the full podcast episode!


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