April 8


Divine Empath: Breaking Free of the False Empath Template

Welcome to the second companion post for my podcast, The Download. Today I want to talk to you about a very special topic: how to free yourself from the negative, draining effects of the false empath template. I happened to mention this during an Instagram reel and had several comments asking what I meant. So I figured there were probably a lot of people out there that aren’t familiar with what it means, exactly. Today we’re going to break down what the false empath template is as well as how the divine empath template can help you protect your energy field from being drained by healing work.

False Empath Template Conditioning

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve likely heard me mention this or something similar before. False empathy is something that we dig deep into as a part of the Starchetype system because it can be a huge struggle for Starseeds. It’s something that you’ve been conditioned to accept over years and years, which is absolutely not your fault. I really want to stress that part before we dive into what it is and why it’s so harmful.

The false empath template is something that has been created by design—I truly believe that at one time or another, every single Starseed on earth right now has had to battle with fragments of this template being forced into their energy field. 

Old methods and teachings have created this template and told you that you must practice empathy by taking in and holding all the feelings and energy of those around you, but also that you must in turn give them your energy. It’s extremely draining, but you’re also then conditioned to accept that over-giving as you just being “extra sensitive”. You’re lead to believe that to heal others, you must allow yourself to feel all of their bodily vibrations or sensations and take on their pain or their journey.

The idea here is that you’re an expansive light body, so of course you can just take all of that negative energy into your system and *should* just have endless room for it all. This is why so many lightworkers end up burned out and drained of energy. You can’t endlessly take on everyone’s negative energies and not have your light drained and dimmed. I’ve seen so many people that have become so burnt out because of doing lightwork or healing through this framework that it’s hard for them to continue.

Divine Empath Template

Being an empath and practicing lightwork—healing others—doesn’t have to be a draining experience. By following the Divine Empath Template, you can heal others while protecting your own light energy. It’s so powerful that it allows you to move energy through your being without it being intermingled with your own energetic signature. 

Essentially, while embodying the Divine Empath template, you create an external space that is separate from all other spaces—separate from your physical body, lightbody, astral body, auric fields, any layers you exist in. In that separate space, empaths can create this golden orb of warm, comfortable healing energy for the other person to step into. This lets you channel and filter energy directly from source as a conduit, without this act using any fragment of your own lightbody energy.

This field is an extension of you in a way because you’re opening these channels and creating the space, but it’s not attached to your being. This visualization is especially helpful for Augurs who are the empaths of the Starchetype system, but can be beneficial for anyone who does lightwork.

To hear even more about the Divine Empath Template, listen to the full episode of The Download podcast. And if you’re new to my page, you can learn more about Starchetypes here.


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